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100th Meridian Ranching is owned and operated by Justin & Bryn Rader, two Texas ranchers who both grew up near the 100th Meridian in the Texas panhandle.

100th Meridian Ranching focuses on excellent stewardship while charting a path through which modern ranches can operate efficiently, profitably and sustainably into the future. We are located in the Texas Panhandle and have ranching roots in the area spanning over 125 years.   Our enterprises consist of low-input cow-calf production, bull leasing and custom grazing. 

In our opinion, stewardship of resources is critical, and the improvement of everything we manage is a worthwhile pursuit. We work hard to ensure that future generations may reap the benefit of our efforts. Soil and plants are the foundation of this business, and we conduct our business in a way that benefits the people, land, livestock and wildlife.
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Think Different. Think BIGGER.

Here at 100th Meridian, we are taking a new approach to building sustainability in agriculture. Through our bull leasing program, and our ranch land leasing program, we are providing ways that ranchers can reduce their risk, and improve their economic performance. 

The cost savings of leasing a bull vs. owning a bull is about $200 per bull per year. So let's say, you leased 10 bulls for a 5 year period, you'd be saving $10,000 over that time period. 

Also, if you're only using bulls for 3 months out of the year, then that means you have 9 months where you're not using then. This frees up your grass, your stocking capacity, and you can use that land to run more cows. Those cows have calves, and that puts money back in your pockets. 

Leasing bulls just makes sense from an economic standpoint. We'd love to discuss it with you!


Lease Bulls from Us and See The Impact!

Most ranchers only use their bulls 3 months of the year. That means, 75% of the time your bull is just in a pen or trap costing you money. By leasing bulls, you can operate more efficiently, improve cash flow, better manage your stocking rate, and save time and resources.

We offer Angus (both red and black) and Charolais bulls from the nation's top breeding programs for lease.   

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Let Us Lease Your Ranch Land

We are seeking ranchland to lease from forward-thinking landowners who want to preserve their agricultural heritage and ensure excellent stewardship of their land. Managing biological capital for these owners is our primary service. We offer owners the freedom to step away from the day-to-day operations while resting assured that their ranch is managed exceptionally well.

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