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Top quality black and red Angus, Hereford, and Charolais bulls for lease. Leasing bulls creates optimum flexibility and profit while decreasing hassle and risk.

We proudly promote work ready, reliable cattle with genetics you can trust. Our bulls are tested by us on our own herd, so we know we can deliver a product worth standing behind.

Every bull is delivered with a good semen test and clean trich test. Simple, straight-forward lease agreement allows you minimal risk and maximum flexibility. We have a bull for every budget and calf crop target. Spring-calving sires available for $1000 - $1400 per head for a 90-day breeding season. Ask about discounts for summer and fall calving herds. Call today to book your delivery in advance. We work hard to fulfill your ranch’s needs.

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Listen to Episode 155, where Justin Rader of 100th Meridian Ranching discusses the advantages of leasing bulls for your cow/calf operation. Learn about the flexibility of this practice as well as the lengths to which they are going to ensure the health and safety of the bulls they lease.
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Save money by leasing bulls for your ranch!

The cost savings of leasing a bull vs. owning a bull is about $200 per bull per year. So let's say, you leased 10 bulls for a 5 year period, you'd be saving $10,000 over that time period.

Also, if you're only using bulls for 3 months out of the year, then that means you have 9 months where you're not using then. This frees up your grass, your stocking capacity, and you can use that land to run more cows. Those cows have calves, and that puts money back in your pockets.

Leasing bulls just makes sense from an economic standpoint. We'd love to discuss it with you!

It's Convenient to Lease Bulls!

We offer a simple, clear lease agreement that explains all the what-ifs.

Let's say your bull gets crippled, injured, struck by lighting. If you own that bull, that's a huge economic risk. But, if you lease the bull from us, we will replace that bull right away, with no extra cost.

Have you ever went to a sale, bought a $5000 bull, and then face the disappointment of seeing him "melt" when you turn him out to pasture. You've just wasted that investment.

We'll bring you a high quality, trich-tested, semen tested bull, on the day you need him. You don't have to gather up your herd, you don't have to semen test your bulls, you don't have to handle bulls and let them tear up your corrals. All you have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest.

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Lane Hale

Bull Lease Manager

Bulls when you need them.

We tend to lease our most bulls from April to August, and then a lot from Thanksgiving to New Year's time frame. We also work with summer calving herds. That's what makes 100th Meridian's bull leasing program work. We have clients that use bulls year round and so we put the investment in the bulls, and then we take care of the maintenance of them during the other times of the year.

We work with your schedule to find the right bull at the right time. We prefer have a lead time of a few months to a year, depending on the quantity of bulls and the criteria you're looking for. The more heads up, the better job we can do filling the order to the details you like.

We pick bulls from the best breeders.

We buy bulls that work. We pick bulls from breeders who are "tougher" on their bulls and breed them to work, rather than the fatter, show calf type bull. We select bulls that have the hustle, get up and go, and are focused on longevity. Having the right kind of bulls makes a big difference on their usefulness.

We supply moderate framed, heifer bulls to the terminal, growthy bulls. We focus on gentle, easy to handle bulls. Our bull battery is strong, and we have bulls to fit your focus.

How many bulls do you need?

There's an old paradigm that says 1 bull for 25 cows. But, when you look at it, it's more like certain bulls cover 10 cows and others cover 40.

So, we look for bulls that work. We talk with you to determine the best system for each individual operation.

Think Differently.

The old school method is, go to a bull sale, and buy a bull for an above average price. This can be $5000, $6000, $7500 or more. What does that investment look like if you need four bulls?

Leasing takes this risk away. You could lease those same four bulls for $4000 total. So, we take this cash flow issue off your plate. With the savings from buying vs. leasing, then you have the cash flow available for other needs like improving your ranch, paying down debt, or even a family vacation. Freeing up this cash flow is worth a lot.

Producers should be in the cow-calf production business, not necessarily the bull handling business. So, we handle the bull management, and you focus on a cow-herd that's raising big, healthy calves and breeding back soon.

Get Rid of Your "Bull Pasture."

Every rancher has a "bull pasture." Because, our bulls are in the "off season" about 9 months a year. But as ranchers, grass is one of our most valuable assets. A bull takes 1.5 animal units compared to a cow, who takes 1. If you free up your "bull pasture" then that grass is readily available for cows in production - which means more income from more cows.

Stick with your bull budget.

Have you ever been to a bull sale, and had a budget? Then, those bulls start running through the ring and what happens? They usually always go for higher than what you've planned. You never know what a sale is going to average until it's over with. This method is much like operating your business from the rear view mirror.

By leasing the bulls, you have a set budget, and you stick with it.

What about the health of the bulls?

All bulls are trich tested, semen tested, and have all his appropriate vaccines for the breeding season. Bulls are also tested upon the completion of their lease. This way we know the bulls are clean coming into a herd, and out of a herd. Bulls are vet checked, and pass a breeding soundness exam.

Our goal is to keep people's cows bred. We don't spare any effort or expense on this.

Versatility In Your Breeding Program

One thing about ranching is, it's always changing. Some years, you might need a heifer bull. Some years you might need cow bulls. Some years, you might need Charolais bulls. Some years, Angus. Maybe one year you're looking to make black-baldies and the next year you're looking for a terminal. Bull leasing offers you total flexibility to switch breeds, or switch your focus.

When we lease you a bull, it's like leasing from your friends and neighbors. We want you to be successful, and have a great experience.

Happy Bull Leasing Customers Say It Best

"100th Meridian Ranching offers great service as well as great genetics. Justin and Bryn are committed to serving the customer in any way they can. "
- Sam Chenowith, OK

“I highly recommend 100th Meridian Ranching bull leasing. The dedication to their great bulls is an absolute credit to them, and I look forward to leasing more in the future. "
- John Wagner, KS

"Your needs will be met when leasing bulls from 100th Meridian Ranching. They have countless options to fit your herd size as well as bull preference."
- Hayden Duncan, TX

"Leasing bulls from 100th Meridian Ranching not only saved me money, it saved me lots of time and trouble too. Bulls are awesome a few months at a time, but its really nice to let someone else worry about them the rest of the year."
- Charlie Acre, OK

"Bull leasing with 100th Meridian Ranching, LLC is a great option for whatever you may need. The clarity that is provided when discussing lease options makes the decision to work with them even easier. "
- Hudson Purvis, TX

“We are return customers at 100th Meridian Ranching bull leasing and have nothing but the best to say about their bull leasing program. They deal directly with the customer and have a wealth of knowledge in bull leasing.”
- Clay Cooper, TX

“100th Meridian Ranching has provided excellent service for each lease I have had with them. When we had an injured bull this year 100th Meridian brought us a replacement quickly and at no cost." ”
- Davida Hale, NM