What People Are Saying

"Justin and Bryn are very easy to work with. They communicate effectively regarding ranch water, rangeland, and wildlife. They resolve any issues quickly, which makes my life as a landowner easier. I would say they are a top notch outfit."
- Caeleb Sherrod, Landowner

"Preserving my family’s 100+ year heritage is very important to me. Leasing to Justin and Bryn is like keeping it in the family. I still get to be connected with the operations of the land and cattle. Not only do they care for the land, they care for the people of the community."
- Jeri Pundt, Landowner

“Choosing trustworthy lessees like Justin and Bryn has been a great move for us. As absentee landowners, we need eyes and ears on the land to monitor not only ecological changes, but also oil and gas activity. Justin and Bryn always keep us informed of what's going on with our property."
- Sara Perry, Landowner

"Managing for both livestock and wildlife is important to us. Justin and Bryn understand this and have the tools and skills to continually improve our land, livestock and wildlife."
- Jamie Baker, TPWD Biologist

“Balance. That is what is needed in the care of our land. Justin and Bryn Rader successfully balance economic demands and ecologic awareness. The land is protected and managed in an intelligent and consistently informed manner. Every management decision considers enhancing its value and preserving it for those who come after. They are ideal land stewards.”
- The Snyder Family, Landowners